1935 Buick

By Vern Parker

The elegant style of most automobiles from the era prior to World War II have long appealed to Jack Gallagher. He admires free standing headlights in buckets, running boards and rumble seats among other details.

For several years he stayed alert for an antique car that would suit his requirements. Finally, his perseverance paid off when a friend passed along a tip about a 1935 Buick convertible coupe that was for sale in Maryland.

As with all the other previous leads he had received regarding antique cars he followed this tip with an inspection trip.


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1930 Model A Ford Roadster

By Vern Parker

From the time almost 90 years ago when Ford introduced the all new Model A the car was a popular success. It still is.

During the four years of production about five million Model A Fords were produced in a wide variety of styles.

The early history of one of the 1930 roadsters has been lost but the car itself survives. According to the present owner, Ron Phillips, his Model A underwent a complete restoration two owners ago.

Once the car was looking better than new it was sold. After a few years that owner in the spring of 2007 decided to sell the still pristine Ford.

That was when Phillips' brother-in-law saw the car for sale in Charlotte, N.C. And notified Phillips of what he had discovered.


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1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Station Wagon

By Vern Parker

“I grew up with wagons,” Ray Bohlayer says.

That admission may help explain why a 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Station Wagon is parked inside his garage today.

As far as he can determine he is the fourth owner of the Falcon. Wagons are generally used as work vehicles so relatively few of them survive to antique status. A total of 23,477 wagons like Bohlayer's were manufactured.

Before Bohlayer acquired the car it was in Kentucky. He learned that it was in need of a total restoration. That minor detail didn't deter him because most of the worn parts of the car were still there.


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1968 AMC Javelin

By Vern Parker

Second hand Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaros and Plymouth Barracudas were much in demand with the high school crowd in the mid-1970s.

A teenager at the time, Bill Spencer, however, found that he could get more car for his money by buying an AMC Javelin.

Until he graduated from high school a Javelin was his daily driver.

Years later other cars and a motorcycle had replaced the old Javelin until Spencer's safety conscious wife witnessed a traffic accident involving a motorcycle much like the Harley-Davidson that Spencer had in his garage.

The motorcyclist didn't fare well in that accident and harmony was maintained in the household by selling the motorcycle.

Not long afterward Spencer happened across an antique car advertised for sale that was very similar to the car from his high school days – only better.


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1936 Slantback Ford

By Vern Parker

Mac McAllister shared his interest in antique cars with his father-in-law Louis Sandor.

The older man had a 1936 Ford whose style captivated both men. It was a four door Deluxe Slantback sedan.

Ford offered 21 models in 1936 with a built in outside trunk offered on all but two of the models, a roadster and a coupe. Base prices ranged from $510 to $780.

As age crept up on the older man he saw the need to find a good home for the 1936 Ford. That is how the son-in-law came to own the old Ford.

McAllister went to Illinois to get the car in with the intenntion of driving it home to Virginia. That was the plan and it worked well until he got to La Porte, Indiana , he recalls, when the car suddenly quit running.

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