1968 Triumph TR250

By Vern Parker

Away back in 1969 Jerry Price was a student at Utah State in Logan, Utah. One day he was driving a nearly new 1967 Ford Mustang through Salt Lake City when he saw an automobile dealership offering for sale a 1969 Triumph TR250.

Young Price was smitten by everything about the sporty Triumph, so much so that he went to see his father who held the title to the Mustang.

The plan was to get his father to transfer ownership of the Mustang to him so he then could trade it in on the Triumph.

Parental common sense won out and the younger Price had no choice but to continue on at school in the Mustang.

Upon graduation in 1972 Price quickly traded the Mustang for a new Triumph TR6. The TR250 was produced for only two years in limited quantities so finding a well preserved TR250 was an endless task. Price chased down several leads and found only worn out or rusted out cars.


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1969 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Coupe

By Vern Parker


When this luxurious, yet somewhat sporty, 1969 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Coupe was new, young Scott Patton was living with his parents in the Panama Canal Zone.

Because of his locale at the time the young man never saw the myriad of American automobiles that he would have seen had he been in the continental United States.

Decades later Patton was in the United States and in 2012 he spotted for sale a 1969 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Coupe in an old car magazine. Month after month the Oldsmobile appeared for sale. Eventually the seller dropped the price in September, 2012. That is when Phillips lept at the chance to acquired his Oldsmobile.

After renting a car in Virginia he drove to Manchester, New Hampshire to see the car.

Only Oldsmobile's official terminology described the car as a Holiday Coupe. Everyone else simple called it a two-door hardtop.

He found everything on the Olds as it should be and

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25th Annual Street Dreams Antique Car Show

Although the weather report called for rain, the final Street Dreams Antique Car Show went off under clear blue skies. However the food vender got lost and it was a food free zone for the show. 

Owners brought 130 cars ranging in age from from 1899 to 1988 to the antique car show. 

Owners of the cars selected a red 1959 Cadillac convertible owned by Bob Brown as their favorite in the final show.

















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2013 Buick Encore: Posh & Petite

By Ted Orme

That’s a Buick?” was my first impression of the 2013 Buick Encore when I got a sneak peak at this mini-ute last December. It surely didn’t jive with my long held vision of Buick as second only to Cadillac as supreme land yacht.

That image was fixed in my brain early on with visits to my Uncle Gerald, a Buick dealer in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Granted, to a little kid from New York City in the 1940s, Brookhaven was the other side of the moon, and everything about it – lush green fields, barefoot kids, creeks with crawfish, and homemade firecrackers – was wondrous. But what really stood out in my developing mind were the thundering rides at speed over Mississippi’s rural roads in a magnificent big yellow Roadmaster convertible.

Like everyone my age (you can roughly do the math) I’ve seen a lot of changes, including Buicks. But, damn, a pint-sized Korean-built micro-crossover based on a Chevy Sonic platform with a starting price in the mid-20s! What was this once proud GM division thinking?


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2014 Ford Fiesta 5-Door Hatch SE: Affordable Fun 

By Ted Orme

It really gets my attention when a test car comes to me that I can actually afford. Oh sure, I could get me a Bentley if I wanted to dynamite my 401K. But realistically, as Mr. Fixed Income, the choice is limited and many test drives involve vehicles that cost more than my first house.

So it was a delight to get delivery of a 2014 Ford Fiesta 5-Door Hatch SE with a total sticker price of $17,135, which included a $795 destination fee and a $290 optional “Comfort Package” consisting of nicer front seats, heated side mirror and auto temperature control. Other than a 5-speed manual transmission, the little Fiesta had everything else most owners want and/or need – AC, power locks and windows, remote keyless entry, leather-wrapped steering wheel with cruise and audio controls and multiple air bags.


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