1968 Plymouth Barracuda S 340

By Vern Parker

A military officer in Manhattan Beach, California purchased a new Plymouth Barracuda in 1968.  For more than a decade he enjoyed his sporty car.

By 1979 he and his car had moved to Virginia where the car was parked on the front yard of his Dale City home with a for sale sign in the window.

At that time young Tim Minor was fresh out of high school and had been looking for a sporty, muscular car with style.  He saw that the Barracuda fulfilled all of his requirements and he quickly became the second owner of the car.


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1950 MG TD

By Vern Parker

Many American servicemen who were stationed in Europe after World War II became enamored of the British built MG sports cars.

Records indicate that an American airman stationed in Germany ordered a 1949 MG TC.  While anxiously awaiting his new car he was informed that 1949 production had ended.  He was then offered a 1950 right hand drive MG TD that had initially been built for the British market.

That deal appealed to the American who then took the sports car with him to his various assignments around the world until he retired.


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1959 Triumph TR3A

By Vern Parker

Tom Quinlan clearly recalls the very used dark green 1959 Triumph TR3A that his older brother, George, purchased in 1970.

The British sports car had seen better days but it was affordable.  A few years later the car was put away in storage when it was replaced by a newer, less used, car. There it languished in upstate New York until 1988 when Quinlan's brother decided to breathe new life into the Triumph.

As the rebuilding and associated overhauling progressed Quinlan began to take interest in the car that his brother was renewing in Buffalo, New York.


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1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk

By Vern Parker

Soon after Studebaker and Packard joined in an unlikely alliance in the mid-1950s the effort to survive began.  

Talented designer Raymond Loewy did a lot with a little and for the 1956 model year created a masterpiece, the stylish Golden Hawk.

"Even in my teens I wanted one," Paul Delaney says.  "However, the opportunity never presented itself," he laments.

Half a century passed but the long ago memory of that 1956 Golden Hawk lingered on but since only a total of 4,071 were built he knew the chances of finding one were almost nonexistent.

While thumbing through an antique car magazine in the summer of 2015 he was surprised to see a  1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk for sale.


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1969 Datsun 240Z

By Vern Parker

Nissan was Datsun in 1969 when the 240Z was introduced in the United States.  The sleek hatchback car was an instant success and one such model caught the eye of a graduate of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

He purchased the 240Z and took it with him on his various assignments around the world.

After racking up about 215,000 miles on the car the initial owner died and his sister inherited his  well-worn car.

Having no use for the car she advertised it for sale.

That is when Mark Gibson entered the picture.  It was a cold day in January 2015, Gibson remembers, when he went to Dumfries in Virginia where the 16-foot, 6.75-inch-long 240Z was located.


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