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1968 Porsche 911

By Vern Parker

The superb handling of sports cars appealed to Dan Rowzie so much so that in his younger days he began attending sports car events enjoying the sound of mostly British sports cars.  He was happy in that pursuit until one day he witnessed another competitor in an air cooled Porsche.  The sound of that German engine captivated him.

Since buying a used 1962 Porsche Cabriolet in 1965 he reports that  about 50 Porsches have come and gone in his life.

His stable of Porsches currently consists of a single 911 model which he purchased in October of 2017.  He located this most recent 911 in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, liked what he saw and drove it to his Charles T own, West Virginia home.  The car had been repainted and the odometer had counted 46,600  miles.

Instrumentation on the dashboard showed a top speed of 150 miles per hour.  Adjacent to the speedometer is the tachometer with a red line of 6,500 revolutions per minute.

On the air cooled engine in the rear of the car are a pair of Weber carburetors atop the two-liter engine that develop s 130 horsepower.  The capacity of the fuel tank is 16.4 gallons.

Rowzie states that his car performs better when burning premium gasoline.  "It's like a Volkswagen on steroids," he observes.  "It handles nicely."

The unibody Porsche is equipped with a hot air heater much like the heater on Volkswagens.

Another feature the Porsche shares with Volkswagen are the jack ports on each side.  When in use the jack can hoist both wheels on either side of the car .

Rowzie says his car's performance is enhanced by front end struts and telescopic shocks on the rear.  A four-speed floor mounted manual transmission is standard with a five-speed version available as an option.  Power is transferred to the 5.50x15-inch tires at the rear.  The car rides on an 87-inch wheelbase.The cockpit is cozy without being claustrophobic.  Both doors have armrests as well as storage pockets.  Additional storage space is located behind the front seats on a parcel shelf and a surprisingly spacious area in the front of the car.

Porsche designers were conscientious about aerodynamics when the 13-foot, 8-inch-long model was developed.  Even the backup lights are incorporated into the curves of the fenders.

Rowzie admits his 911 is a basic, good car that does everything asked of it very well from the simplest task to details advising checking the oil level with the engine running.

After experiencing almost a half century of Porches Rowzie is comfortable in his role as caretaker of many Porches.

The cars have soul he says.

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