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1968 Plymouth Barracuda S 340

By Vern Parker

A military officer in Manhattan Beach, California purchased a new Plymouth Barracuda in 1968.  For more than a decade he enjoyed his sporty car.

By 1979 he and his car had moved to Virginia where the car was parked on the front yard of his Dale City home with a for sale sign in the window.

At that time young Tim Minor was fresh out of high school and had been looking for a sporty, muscular car with style.  He saw that the Barracuda fulfilled all of his requirements and he quickly became the second owner of the car.

The Plymouth Barracuda Formula S 340 Minor had bought became his daily driver and he was so comfortable with it that he knew he was never going to part with the car.

Unfortunately, after three years the car was involved in a minor fender bender accident.  Minor then took his Plymouth out of service and for the next 23 years he moved his car from one storage facility to another until he could restore it to its former glory.

Minor was surprised to learn that the only power assisted accessory on his car was the steering.  An unusual option was the factory installed Chrysler Airtemp air conditioner with vents on the bottom of the dashboard.

The electric wipers are not special but the windshield washers are.  The washers are activated by manually pumping them using a foot operated pump on the floor.

For additional fresh air there are wing vent windows in the front doors.

A small storage compartment is in the center console which also houses the gear selector with gears located front to rear of:

* Park.

* Reverse.

* Neutral.

* Drive.

* Second.

* First.

The three spoke steering wheel does not hinder the driver's view of the 120 mile per hour speedometer in the padded instrument panel.

At long last Minor began a two year restoration of his car in 2010.  All of the brightwork was either polished or replaced.  The reupholstered white seats are in sharp contrast to the black headliner and the black carpeting.

Minor located a woman in Texas who duplicated the seat belts even down to the label from the original belts.

Prior to repainting his car in the original hue of Surf Turquoise Poly Minor made certain the 340-cubic-inch V-8 was in superb condition and could still deliver 275 horsepower.

Now whenever he fires up his car he enjoys the rumble tumbling out of the dual exhausts.  Returning  the Formula S 340 to like new condition has been a long time coming but Minor says the final result makes it worthwhile.

The odometer has recorded 109,000 miles, however, Minor enjoys the ride whenever he goes cruising on his 14-inch redline tires that support his car on a 108-inch wheelbase.

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