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1981 Chrysler Cordoba

By Vern Parker

Ryland Tedeton's attraction to cars manufactured by Chrysler was nurtured by his father who favored Chrysler vehicles.

Over the years Tedeton has had his fair share of Chrysler products.  However, he is always alert for attractive, low mileage antique Chryslers for sale

About a decade ago he was looking through a publication devoted to the sale of antique cars when he spotted an ad for a 1981 Chrysler Cordoba.

After telephoning the owner he learned the original owner of the car had been the owner's neighbor.  Upon the death of the first owner the car had spent several years in a garage  before being sold to the neighbor who now was offering it for sale.

After hearing the history of the Chrysler Tedeton convinced his brother, Tim, to accompany him to York, Pennsylvania, where the car was located.

When Tedeton first saw the car he was amazed at the remarkable condition both inside and outside of the Cordoba.

The original dark brown paint was highlighted by the gold pin stripes the length of the sides of the car as well as across the trunk at the rear.

Observing that the odometer had counted only 44,000 miles convinced Tedeton to buy the handsome car on the spot.

With his brother following him Tedeton drove his new purchase an uneventful 200 miles to his home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

As is often the case with cars that have not been driven regularly, this one was performing better at the end of the journey.  "It needed a good tuneup," Tedeton says.

The durable 225-cubic-inch slant six cylinder engine develops 85 horsepower and was standard equipment on the Cordoba.

The original owner did not opt for the optional 318-cubic-inch V-8 engine.

Tedeton reports that the slant six engine has no trouble keeping up with traffic.  "It has no problem at all," the owner says.

Although the front seat is a bench seat the upholstery is designed to appear as bucket seats.

In the years he has owned the Cordoba Tedeton has replaced the light tan headliner to match the crushed velour light tan upholstery.

Cruising in the car is comfortable thanks to the 112.7-inch wheelbase on which the car rides.  

The power assisted steering is effortless and stopping chores are easily made by the front disc brakes.  

Sound from the AM/FM cassette tape player floods the cabin from front and rear speakers.

Earlier this year Tedeton had the air conditioner recharged and updated.  

The tinted glass helps the air conditioner keep the temperature in the cabin under control.

A single barrel carburetor feeds fuel to the engine at the rate of 21 to 22 miles per gallon according to the owner.

Tedeton says the odometer has now counted 58,000 miles and his Cordoba continues to provide good service.

"Everything on the car works,

 Tedeton says proudly.

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